The roots of FDI technology date back to the 1980s, when Device Descriptions first became popular. As both device and system technology became increasingly complex, Devices Descriptions and the tools used to create them evolved to incorporate more and more sophisticated features. Windows-based FDT/DTM architecture diverged from text based EDDL designs.

System suppliers generally support one architecture or the other. Devices vendors are forced to support both. End users began demanding a single solution as procurement, configuration and maintenance costs escalated. So in 2007 the FDI standardization project was launched to carefully shape convergence of FDT/DTM and EDDL architectures.

In 2011 a non-profi t organization, the FDI Cooperation LLC, was created to manage the standardization process for a converged device integration technology. In 2015, after being standardized as IEC 62769-1, the FDI Cooperation transferred ownership, management and enhancement of the standard to FieldComm Group and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.