ONE Device - One Package - All Tools

The signature slogan of FDI is "ONE Device - ONE Package - All Tools".  What does this mean?

Field devices, transmitters, instruments -- call them what you will -- are the lifeblood of process automation systems.  In recent years devices and the systems they connect to have become more powerful, as has the software required to maximize value creation from their use.

Staying current with changing operating systems, asset management system versions, user interfaces, and device description (DD) releases is time consuming and error prone.

FDI standardizes the packaging and distribution of software and tools. Host systems need only one FDI Device Package per device type per protocol to successfully integrate each device. 

A physical device is virtualized in software as an FDI Device Package. An FDI Device Package is a single file (*.fdix) which contains all the device information including device definitions, user interface plug-ins, certificates, device manuals and other components that are essential for managing the field device in the plant.

Therefore, "ONE Device - ONE Package - All Tools".


The Value of FDI:
ONE Device - One Package - ALL Tools